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Because your loved one’s dementia care is more than a one-man job

Trips, falls, accidents, and other untoward events are more likely to happen to an elderly person with dementia because of the symptoms that accompany the condition, such as memory loss, confusion, or even problem-solving difficulties. In particular, Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, impacts their ability to plan and make decisions and perform even the simplest tasks that make living alone dangerous and not recommended unless they are receiving daily assistance and support from a caregiver.

How Our Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Can Help

Our Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care is created with the aim of helping your loved one manage their symptoms day in and day out and supporting them through the challenges that come with the condition. Here are some of the ways our specialist dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers can do so:

  • Performing household tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting, and washing clothes
  • Assisting your loved one with getting in and out of the bath or shower and bed
  • Preparing meals and prompting your loved one to eat at mealtimes
  • Helping your loved one take medication consistently and correctly
  • Feeding and taking care of your pets if they have them
  • Tending to the garden
  • Helping your loved one wash, bathe, dress, brush their hair or put on makeup, and get ready for the day
  • Helping ease their transition back to home life after hospital stays
  • Monitoring your loved one’s moods and helping them avoid depressive spells or apathetic feelings by encouraging a positive outlook day-after-day

Why Choose Our Caregivers

Our specialist dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers are experts in this area of complex care. They understand that while dementia is an umbrella term with such progressive symptoms, the specific symptoms of a person’s dementia will still depend on which parts of the brain have been affected and what has caused the damage.

That is why they make sure that your loved ones will have their own individual plan of care fitted to their needs. They also make sure to maintain their dignity through respect and involving them in their care as much as possible.

You Deserve Nothing But the Best Care

Let us be your partners in health. Please set an appointment with one of our care professionals at Magnificare LLC to get started here today. You may also send us a message here for your inquiries and requests for more information.